tom watts

A front-end web developer from Perth, Western Australia.


I'm a front-end developer, skateboarder and player-of-the-drums.

I am focused on creating beautiful, effective websites
with an emphasis on user experience and performance.
I aim to build websites that people really like to use.


Helping people find TAFE qualifications and campus locations in their area.

Tafechoices was one of the first projects I contributed to at Rare. I worked on the initial planning stages of the project and carried out development of the front-end components using BEM and atomic design principles for the back-end developer to populate.

I worked on the information architecture, wireframing, UX and front-end development, and built the recently launched blog component of the website.

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Netball WA

The Shooting Stars website is a WordPress-powered project I built on top of the Foundation 6 semantic grid.

There was a lot of front-end challenges to overcome, with lots of gradients, CSS clip-paths, blending shapes, and the various challenges associated with making all of these work together and on various screen sizes.

The interactive map is built with Google Maps API, custom post types and ACF, it pulls in 3 event categories and the Netball WA teams, creating custom markers for each.
Clicking the markers reveals an overlay containing the event or team information.

For mobile, the map is switched with a touch-friendly events accordion list.

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WA State Budget

Our State Budget Infographic Website

The WA State Budget Infographic is a static-generated site built on Harp, EJS and a gulp workflow.

The State Budget infographic was a visually simple, but very time-sensitive project with a tight deadline to coincide with the announcement of the WA budget report. This required an efficient workflow for rapid content revisions and builds.

Expanding upon the previous years base, I built the website utilizing EJS and Gulp, with front-matter, markdown and partials to easily manage content.

The website meets WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility, and is compatible with IE 9 and up.

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Gascoyne Development Commision

I built the Gascoyne Development Commision website utilizing the Sage starter theme, and Sass Bootstrap as the framework.

The site is WCAG 2.0 AA Accessibile, responsive and really fast. The main challenge in building this project came from making the design accessible. I made various design changes in order to ensure accissibility, while ensuring that it remained true to the original concept.

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I've spent the last 4 years working at digital agencies and freelancing, having the opportunity to work with renowned clients like The West Australian, the Government of Western Australia, Community News, Tony Romas, Netball WA and Alzheimer's Australia.

Through this I have learned a great deal about what it takes to build compelling and user-friendly websites, and have acquired a wide range of skills in the process.

I look for ways to bring my experience into every project I take on, and invariably learn something new with each project that I deliver.


I leverage various technologies based on the requirements of the client and the user. I keep an open mind to the technologies that I use, and always enjoy taking up a new framework or tool granted it is the right fit for the project.

Languages & Mark up: HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Javascript, PHP, Handlebars, EJS.

Libraries & Frameworks: WordPress, Drupal, jQuery, ScrollMagic, GSAP, Foundation, Inky, Bootstrap, Bourbon, Jekyll, Panini.

Tools & Software: Gulp, NPM, CLI, Git, Dev tools, Vagrant, Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite.